What is 642 Advising?

This is what truly differentiates us from other financial planning firms. Our areas of focus, the meetings we have with you and our projects with you. 


 6 - The Six Areas of Focus

1.  Spending – We’ll build a cash flow statement to help you understand where your money is going. 

2. Debt – Plan out how and when to pay off, and what to change.

3. Large Purchases – Easier to make when scheduled, Home improvements, Parties, Cars, 2nd homes to name a few.

4. Insurance – Finding the correct coverage with the appropriate policies.  

5. College Funding  – Once we know the where & when, we’ll help you plan the how.

6. Retirement – When is what everyone wants to know, Most people forget to consider how they want to live and what that will cost. Every day is Saturday in retirement!


 4 - Meetings


1. Explore – Uncovering and understanding your needs and objectives.

2. Data Verification – Verify findings from documents and explore meeting are correct.

3. Strategy Session – Model your objectives then agree upon strategies and alternatives.

4. Plan Delivery – Present the overall plan & solutions.


 2 - Annual Projects

1. Q.U.I.C. Report

Questions - That you have about your plan and we have about what you’ve been doing.         

Updates - About changes in your life. We’ll update you on accounts, performance, markets, plan actions.                                                          

Ideas - New things you’d like us to consider about your plan/life. We’ll discuss our thoughts on improvements.                                                           

Concerns - Things your consistently thinking about. We’ll discuss changes that may be needed.

2. Plan Update - A combination of a Q.U.I.C. Report and an Explore meeting. Then we’ll discuss and begin working on the adjustments, improvements and new plan objectives for next year.