In 2009 after the recession I worked with many young families & small business owners through a program that was put in place to help subsidize benefits and help employees with their financial recovery.

When I met with employees to inform them of the program, I kept getting the same response… “this is great, but I need help with so many other things right now”

I asked what else, there were many responses “how can we stop living check to check, can we pay for college, how much do I need for retirement, how do we get out of debt, do I have the right insurance, can I afford to do this home improvement” and many others.

I began meeting with these employees to discuss their individual needs. I realized that these young families needed someone to look at everything they were doing financially and give them advice that made sense for them and  worked well together.

This is when I realized, with good intentions; these people previously purchased many good products and started making investments, but when analyzed all together; many times it was not ideal.  Although the individual product made sense and was a good solution for that one particular area, it was not well thought out to help achieve the overall financial goals and many products had unnecessary and high costs.


I concluded that this happened because even though they purchased these products from a qualified representative, that representative was only looking at one piece of their financial picture, and therefore could not make the best recommendation for the big picture. 

When I went looking for a resource for these clients financial planning was the best solution. I found financial planning can cost thousands of dollars and many planners only look to work with clients that have a large amount of investable assets and high income… these clients didn’t have any of that, but truly needed the help.

After many, many, many attempts to find a resource for these clients I found nothing!  So that’s when I decided to dedicate my entire practice and life to creating one for young families & small business owners… and 642 advising was born!